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Salary and Benefits

  • Basic salary: Offer market-competitive wages to employees.


    Year-end bonus:

    According to the individual annual performance of the employee, in combination with the achievement of the company's annual business objectives. The rewards are tilted towards high-performance employees.


    R&D project award:

    According to the achievement of the project, the rewards will be paid at specific assessment nodes.


    Welfare subsidy:

    Five insurance and one fund, employer liability insurance, meal allowance, safety allowance, health examination, various holiday subsidies, etc.


    Other awards:

    Talent Recommendation Award, Annual Excellent Employee, Annual Excellent manager, etc.


    Group activities:

    Corporate annual meeting, annual league building, birthday party, climbing activities, etc.


Job Openings

Job Openings

Number of recruits


Salary package


Operators (Shandong, Shaanxi)


No limit


Job Responsibilities:
1、Strictly implement the company's rules and regulations, obey the arrangements of production management personnel, and do their jobs well;
2、Conscientiously implement the handover system;
3、Establish the concept of quality first, and operate carefully and strictly according to the process protocols;
4、Correct use of labor protective equipment, proper storage of various appliances and protective equipment, firefighting equipment;
5、Complete other work arranged by the leadership。
Job Requirements:
1、Junior high school or above;
2、At least one year of relevant work experience;
3、Hard-working and strong sense of responsibility。

Assistant Researcher


No limit


Job Responsibilities:
1、Ability to complete chemical reactions with a high degree of proficiency according to the requirements of the supervisor;
2、Complete basic literature review and graphical analysis;
3、Be able to solve some of the problems that arise in the experiment;
4、Complete the experimental records clearly and completely, and the experimental reports are true, detailed and reliable;
5、Daily maintenance of laboratory health and safety
Job Requirements:
1、College degree or above, chemistry related majors;
2、At least one year of relevant work experience;
3、Conscientious and meticulous, strong sense of responsibility, with strong learning ability。

Organic Synthesis Engineer/Project Leader


No limit


Job Responsibilities:
1、Responsible for the development of new products of the company, and develop new product development program, planning and organization of implementation;
2、Technical research, data review, proposal identification and work plan development in accordance with the project development process;
3、Responsible for the output of the project technical documents, related process documents and technical standards after the project is completed;
4、Responsible for technical guidance and problem solving for small pilot, pilot and post mass production to ensure smooth implementation of the project;
5、Technical communication with customers and assist marketing department to solve customer complaints and technical problems。
Job Requirements:
1、Bachelor's degree or above (organic synthesis or material chemistry related majors), proficient in data review and use of chemical literature search software and databases;
2、More than two years of relevant work experience, preferably in organic synthesis work, in electronic chemicals, especially in semiconductor materials, photoresist materials, flexible display materials, optical film materials, etc.;
3、Hard-working and hard-working, experience in leading a team is preferred。

Work Location: 10th Floor, Building D, No. 606, Ningliu Road, Nanjing

Working hours: 8:30 -- 17:30, two days off, legal holidays normal leave

Other benefits: Five social insurance and one fund, commercial insurance, meal allowance, holiday welfare, birthday welfare, paid annual leave, high temperature allowance, year-end bonus and so on

Contact person of Human Resources Department: Ms. Pan

Contact number: 025 -- 57050570

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Address: 10th Floor, Building D, No. 606, Ningliu Road, Nanjing Chemical Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province