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Technology Platforms

Technical strength

Constantly explore and apply various innovative chemical and engineering technologies to achieve greener, safer, and more efficient process development and production. We have a professional chemical and engineering team to provide customers with a complete set of innovative process solutions from research and development to commercial production.

Synthesis experience:
With safe and reliable development experience in the high and low-temperature range of -100 to 250℃ and pressure range of -0.1 to 10MPa, the 300 square meters ultra-clean workshop has the research and development ability of high-quality products and can build continuous mass production lines.

Reaction types:
Grignard reaction, Suzuki reaction, Wittig reaction, Williamson synthesis reaction, Friedel-Crafts reaction, Huang Minglong reaction, Oxidation reaction, Reduction reaction, Hydrogenation, and other conventional reactions.

Unique technology:
1.Possess the technology for large-scale production of high-purity polymeric compounds. Solve industrial problems such as easy-to-produce oligomers during the synthesis, transportation, and storage of polymerizable compounds;
2.Possess the technology for large-scale production of high-quality liquid crystal monomer. Produce high-quality liquid crystal monomer and effectively control product purity, impurity system, resistivity, and high carbon.

Nanjing R&D Center
Nanjing R&D Center

Nanjing R&D Center

Laboratory area: 800 square meters;

Ultra-clean workshop: 300 ㎡;

15 chemical R&D engineers;

Main services: new product development, new process research;

The core team has nearly 20 years of material synthesis experience;

Nanjing R&D Center
Nanjing R&D Center
Nanjing R&D Center

Testing equipment

The company is equipped with GC, GC-MS, HPLC, LC-MS and other advanced chromatographic analysis and testing instruments, as well as turbidity meter, colorimeter, moisture meter, resistivity, gyroscope, melting point meter and other general testing instruments.

NMR, ICP-MS, DSC and other detection items are completed through the high-tech zone public test platform.

Testing equipment
Testing equipment
Testing equipment
Testing equipment

Production base

Shandong Jining production base, workshop area of 66 mu. Shandong Laiyang production base, workshop area of 800 square meters; Hanzhong production base, 500 square meters;
✔️ More than 60 sets of reaction kettle of 500L ~ 3000L
✔️ Operating temperature: -100 ~ 250℃; Working pressure: -0.1MPa ~ 10MPa;
✔️ Good at reaction types: low temperature, format, coupling, esterification, etherification, oxidation, reduction, etc
✔️ The discharge of three wastes shall meet the requirements of laws and regulations;

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Tel: 025-57050575

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Address: 10th Floor, Building D, No. 606, Ningliu Road, Nanjing Chemical Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province